Saturday training

Last Saturday, 5SEP2020, the NATO SCUBA DIVING CLUB went diving at Boschmolenplas near Panheel.  The day started a bit gloomy with more water pouring out of the sky than was in the lake but thankfully that quickly changed, and it turned into a beautiful sunny day.

We had a large group of thirteen divers and the instructor team consisting of Bart, Sandra, Neil, and Marion had a busy program scheduled for the ocean diver and sport diver students.

Our dive manager Sandra started us off with the briefing and after that, all went to get their gear ready for the first dives and activities.

Once, everyone, had his gear sorted the group split up and started their respective dives and or lessons.

under the tutelage of Sandra the sports diver students Birte and Danny first delved into the intricacies of the first aid topics practicing CPR and other related tasks. Resusci little Anne was saved multiple times 😉

Tomek was further instructed in dive leadership by Bart together with Marion.

Paul got to do his prefinal lesson with Neil and Jason as a buddy. It turned out that Jason has a unique gift of playing a dead/unconscious scuba diver. Not afraid to provide a very real experience for Paul he played dead by going facedown into the muck on the bottom of the lake.  Paul did manage to rescue him and finish his OO3 successfully.  As  Paul was finning like a runaway seal and breathing like an asthmatic dragon it did not take them long to finish the air….I mean dive J.

Meanwhile, the other members of the group Dierk, Jenia, and Andy conducted a nice fun dive.

Enjoying the sun some of us got some food in our belly in between preparation for the next part of the day.  Some of the instructors did not even get to eat lunch at all. Their dedication is to be commended. (later it turned out that that meant food was not coming for a long time…)

Sandra sacrificed herself to do OO4 with Paul by having him lead the dive.  Again, the runaway seal/dragon combo played a big role in the dive leaving Sandra breathless at the end although the whole dive did not last longer than 25 minutes. But Paul did finish OO4.

The rest of the afternoon was largely dedicated to the rescue dives that Andy, Birte, and Danny had to perform. This involved not only a lift of the victim to the surface but also getting them to and on land. It is amazing to see how much work goes into actually getting a diver rescued.

Again, Jason proved invaluable as a victim as well as Tomek, Dierk, and all of their lead which remained on their person during the carries and lifts.  Which led to a lot of amusement for the onlookers and providing our sports diver students with their “sports” moment. In the end, everyone pitched in here and we managed to accomplish everything that we set out to do this day.

Sandra cannot be forgotten here. Although Ruud was sick, she still came with us and supported all the dives from the shoreline like a trooper.

The day did not end here. The whole group together with of the diver’s partners rejoined each other in the evening to enjoy a nice Italian meal. This took somewhat longer in arriving leaving some foodless since the morning. Paul was officially handed his Ocean Diver Course certificate leading to yet another successfully trained diver to join the ranks of the Club.

After dinner, it was a time a bit more fun which resulted in the group enjoying themselves at a local pub until the wee hours of the morning.

All in all, it was another great diving day for the NSDC.

written by Paul

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