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Once you have experienced being underwater you will want to join us in this exciting sport. So come along to our Pool (Side Entrance) on one of a Monday Evening listed below, between 18:30 and 19:00 to meet the Nato Scuba Diving Club Brunssum. We have all of the kit and qualified and sympathetic instructors to help you. All you have to bring is a swimming kit and enthusiasm to try it out in the complete safety of the Swimming Pool.

If you are already hooked and you are a qualified diver, come along to the Club and dive with us. Divers from all organizations (PADI, NAUI, mermaids, CMAS, etc), are welcome. The Club has a friendly atmosphere and all of the family will be made welcome.

So come along on Monday evening:

07DEC20, 01FEB21, 01MAR21, 03MAY21

Update:  Due to new COVID-19 regulations from 13OCT2020, JFC swimming pool is currently closed for all adult clubs.

or contact us.

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