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Pool is closed!

Due to new COVID-19 regulations released on 13OCT2020, JFC decided to close the swimming pool for all clubs. Pool session planned for 02NOV is canceled. This situation may continue towards the end of this year. We will inform you about any changes. The next unpleasant news is that our diving compressor is under maintenance. It seems to be more serious than previously anticipated. Therefore, there is no possibility to refill tanks until further notice.
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Saturday training

Last Saturday, 5SEP2020, the NATO SCUBA DIVING CLUB went diving at Boschmolenplas near Panheel.  The day started a bit gloomy with more water pouring out of the sky than was in the lake but thankfully that quickly changed, and it turned into a beautiful sunny day. We had a large group of thirteen divers and…
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Annual General Meeting 2017

Dear members,

On 25 January 2017 we organize our Annual General Meeting at the UK DSU classroom.
During this meeting, your committee will provide you with information about the previous year as well as give you a forecast for 2017.

Please note that this meeting is mandatory for all members.