About us

Who we are NSDC, A rich and long history

NSDC Brunssum - old logo

The NSDC has been around at Brunssum for longer than any of us can remember.

The NSDC provides a friendly environment for staff and their dependants (as of 14 years) from NATO Brunssum and other NATO bases close-by, including Air Base Geilenkirchen.

We are all clubmembers to enjoy the exiting sport of Scuba Diving. Our club provides training from taking the first steps in diving to the highest levels using the well established British Sub Aqua Club training programme. The initial training conveniently takes place in our Pool, where we meet every Monday Night. There is a friendly atmosphere in the Club, and family groups are especially welcome.

A brief history

Founded as AFCENT Underwater Sports club. Qualified anually 40 1st level divers and about 30 2nd level divers. On average arround 70 active members and an instructor team counting over 20 instructors and assistants. Recognized by various SCUBA organizations.
Recognition by the British Sub Aqua Club BSAC as one of the first overseas branches. Highly supported by the British base component. Embraced BSAC as main SCUBA organization and philosophy.
Club has been renamed to Nato Scuba Diving Club (Brunssum) due to various name changes from the headquarters.
NATO Flags

We also have members from just about every nation in NATO, so you are likely to meet fellow countrymen in the pool! In principle training is given in English, but our instructors can also assist in other languages, like Dutch and German.. Normally diving is an expensive sport to begin with but, thanks to the wonderful facilities we have here, we can provide all of the equipment and training to get started, all for a very reasonable cost.

And once qualified, your diving qualifications will be recognised worldwide.
There is more than just training in the Club and we organise diving trips to local sites, the Coast of Holland, and further a field to Egypt, France, …..
People consider summer season to be the only time a year to go out in the water, but why spend valuable days of your holidays learning to dive when you can relax in the warm pool during the winter months learning the principle safely and thoroughly and then be ready to go diving on your first day in the sun?
You can also enjoy the atmosphere and ‘absorb’ more about diving than you would on a holiday course.

Hopefully, you will enjoy it so much that you will wish to continue with the Club for the rest of your stay in a NATO organisation. This may have whetted your appetite enough for you to want to try it out, so why not come along to our Pool (side entrance) from 18:30 onwards. Bring your swimming kit and we should be able to give you a ‘try dive’ in the pool. BUT, a word of warning, once you have tried it, you WILL be hooked, resistance is futile!!

If you are already a diver, from any diving organisation, why not call in? Come and dive with us or arrange to continue your training.